April Minutes

April GSO General Meeting
Monday, April 16

Officer Nominations: Each of five GSO officer positions is open for next academic year:
1. President
2. Vice president
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Media Coordinator/Director

The responsibilities of each position was detailed and each position was filled the day after the general meeting. As there were no contested positions, voting will not occur. An email will be sent out before the end of the spring semester with information about each new officer.

The hope for a stronger relationship with the general Linguistics department in the next academic year was brought up. The group also hopes other departments will be included in the department colloquia and/or professional development events in the upcoming year.

Social Events: An End-of-the-Semester get-together was brought up. This was informally realized at Ted’s Most Best.

Any new GSO news will be handled by the new officers for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Hope everyone has a great summer!


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Dr. Margarita Saona at GSO Colloquium

image1We’ve got a lot of events this week! Come see Professor Margarita Saona at the GSO Colloquium this Friday at 4:30pm, Gilbert Hall 118.

See you there!

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GSO Special Guest

JosefinaBaez ImageYou are invited to events with Josefina Báez during the next two weeks. Here’s a little bit about her and her work:


Josefina Báez is a performer, theatre director, writer, educator, storyteller, and devotee.   Born in La Romana, Dominican Republic, Báez moved to New York City at the age of twelve. Báez is the author of ten self-published works, all of which are highly personal and transnational in scope. In these groundbreaking literary texts, she explores the cultural clash between the immigrant and the receiving society, as well as the diverse and complex expressions of Dominicanness as they develop within the diaspora and the sending society. Báez’s pioneer works have been reviewed and discussed in academic articles, dissertations, and books published by scholars throughout the Americas and Europe. Her performance theatre is interdisciplinary in format. She has performed, and has also led courses, workshops, and master classes around the world.


Báez is the director of Latinarte/Ay Ombe Theatre, which she founded in April 1986. Ay Ombe Theatre, as stated in its mission “is that space where the creative work becomes the spirit’s expression”[1]. Over the years, Báez has developed a philosophy called Performance Autology, a creative process based on “the biography of the doer” and the “healing of the practitioner”[2]. Since 2004, Báez has convened international theatre retreats in locations such as New Zealand, Chile, India, New York State, and Black Mountain, North Carolina where she imparts lessons from Performance Autology. During the retreats, participants engage in a series of healing activities, including meditation, walking, Chinese calligraphy, story-telling, performance and writing, among others.

Dominicanish (2000)

 “One of the most important interventions that, to my knowledge, reflects on the Dominican cultural experience, we owe it to Josefina Báez, a New York-based performance artist, with her piece Dominicanish.  Dominicanish offers an open ontological framework where everything that empirically fits in the lives of the Dominican diaspora is part of the identity formation of what we are as a nation, here and there” – Prof. Silvio Torres-Saillant (Syracuse University).  Desde la orilla: Hacia una nacionalidad sin desalojo. 2004

Dominicanish, latest published version, September 2017:


[1] “Ay Ombe Theatre/Josefina Baez: Ay Ombe”. http://ayombe.webs.com/ayombe.htm. Accessed September 25, 2014.

[2] “Ay Ombe Theatre/Josefina Baez: Retreat”. http://ayombe.webs.com/retreat.htm. Accessed September 25, 2014.


About Performance Autology — Josefina Baez


Performance Autology…to co-create from a joyful and healthy place & space, following your own inner guidance. Josefina Baez has devised a practice based on her …

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January 2018 Minutes

Welcome back everyone! Here are our first minutes of the semester, from January 30th.

The most pertinent upcoming event is Crossroads, this weekend (Feb 9-10)! Come see your friends and colleagues present and meet people from other universities.

Colloquia: Julia and Rachel commented on upcoming colloquia and the Women’s Forum. 

  • Colloquia series is already looking for speakers for the fall semester, so if you’re not ready quite yet, you can go ahead and get on the list for next semester.
  • Women’s Round Table February 15th. Four events total are planned for this series, so be on the lookout. *Note that not all of these events will count toward your professional development requirements for 7010/9010.

Professional Development: Upcoming: Look out for these two upcoming talks: Conferencing and Imposter Syndrome.

Ideas were bounced around on what to include in upcoming professional development workshops. Some ideas are as follows:

  • how to develop a professional relationship with your major professor
  • transitioning from a graduate student to a professor/instructor in the workforce

GSO Active: hike at Watson Mill State Park to be scheduled in March (sometime when it’s a bit warmer!) This park is about 30 minutes by car and has multiple short hikes.

  • Ramsey offers classes on healthy cooking. We are looking into scheduling a class if we can get a good group together. Let Diogo Cosme know if you are interested!

GSO Happy Hour:  Our first Happy Hour of the semester was on Thursday, February 1st. We are planning on having this Happy Hour every first Thursday of the month (after paychecks come in!). We’ll send out an email about next month’s location.

Poetry Recital: the Poetry Recital is most likely being moved to the fall semester. Contact Julia Hernández or Evelyn Saavedra Autry if you have questions or are interested.

Instagram: we are looking for people in the department to feature on our Instagram page. If you are interested or want to nominate someone else, contact Rebeca Coelho or Shannon McDonough!

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Minutes September 14

  1. The meeting was opened with a review of GSO’s goals:
  • include everyone in the department
  • bring together people who may not otherwise interact
    • literature and linguistics students
    • new MA/PhD students and returning

2. Reminder of the Colloquium on September 15.

3. Floor was opened for ideas on Professional Workshops

  • financial planning
  • how to write abstracts
  • conferencing: upcoming in November

4. Call for Colloquia participation/organization

  • 1st of series Sept. 15
  • there is to be a special colloquium held for participants in the upcoming Hispanic Linguistic Symposium in October
  • November 3 and December 1 have openings for presenters
    • looking especially for research in Italian, French and Portuguese departments

5. GSO Active (previously GSO Fit)

  • name change to reflect participation in active events, not necessarily getting fit
  • Ideas:
    • Salsa Dancing (lessons at Little Kings on Wednesdays)
    • Trail walking at Intramural Fields
    • Stone Mountain hiking trip
    • Ramsey trips (organized by Ramsey)
      • paddling
      • camping and hiking
    • [Healthy] Cooking Classes at the Health Center: on Fridays at 5pm or by group appointment
    • Zumba
    • Free social activism workshops at Health Center: Bystander Intervention

6. GSO Social Media

  • Instagram Interviews to start: look for short interviews/profiles of people in the department posted on the website and publicized on Instagram @gsoroml

7. Social Events

  • Monthly events: previous ones have been brewery visits, karaoke, bowling
  • 1st Thursday Happy Hour at varying locales

8. Crossroads Conference

  • interdisciplinary conference hosted by GSO to be held in February
  • two people needed to help existing volunteers with panel organizing and abstract reading
  • call for papers to go out in November


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Upcoming Events!

Hey grad students!

We’ve got a full week for you guys to join your colleagues and friends in Gilbert and around town!

First, on Tuesday, August 29, will be our first Professional Development Workshop. Dr. Zoe Morris will be there (from the Center for Teaching and Learning), as well as Dr. 

Pro DevelopmentHowe and Dr. Wright from the Romance Language department to help you figure out professional ways to network within academia. This will be in Gilbert 230 from 3:30-4:30. Remember this counts as one of your requirements for 7010/9010 AND of course you’ll get great advice!


Secondly, on Thursday, August 31, join your fellow Gilbertians at a Happy Hour downtown at Little Kings around 6pm (after the Spanish teaching circle).

Little Kings facebook

And last, but not least, is a GSO Campus Picnic on Saturday, September 2 from 1-4pm! This is a relaxed hangout to celebrate concluding (almost) the first month of the semester and to get to know people in the department better. We will meet on campus in the field in front of the Main Library (also good to learn where that is!). GSO will provide waters, FREE COOKIES and YARD GAMES! Bring your lunch or a snack to share and come play frisbee, bocce ball or just sit and chat on some picnic blankets.
Look out on Facebook for an event for the Picnic!

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Minutes August 2017

Discussed picnic on campus for late August, details forthcoming. To include yard games, everyone bringing their own lunch.

Instagram and Facebook accounts set up.

Discussed first professional development seminar for late August with Dr. Morris from CTL

Colloquium series assistants discussed. Need to create guidelines for how to present and time speakers.

Discussed GSO presentation at new student orientation, Wednesday, August 9.


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Hello ROML Graduate Students!

Welcome to our website! Here you will find information about upcoming academic events such as conferences and other scholarly opportunities, as well as useful information about local resources for incoming and current graduate students of the Romance Languages Department at UGA.

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